Dive Into Adventure

There are few experiences quite so life-changing as jumping out of a perfectly good plane.

While some people decide to go skydiving for a thrill, for others, it can mean so much more.

At Skydive East Texas, we understand how powerful it can be. We’re committed to ensuring that our customers get exactly what they’re looking for from their experience.

If you’ve wanted to go skydiving but haven’t taken the plunge, contact Skydive East Texas to schedule your jump or to speak with a tandem master about the experience.

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Come Create An Unforgettable Experience

  • Dive into Adventure

    Break free from the mundane with the adventure of a lifetime.

  • Challenge Yourself

    Face your fears, conquer them, and learn to break out of your limits.

  • Experience Pure Freedom

    Nothing compares to the serene freedom divers experience in freefall.

Skydiving Can Transform You and Your Life

Skydive East Texas founder Lee Todd went skydiving for the first time on his daughter’s 18th birthday.

Neither of them realized how much of an impact that decision would have on their life.

Skydiving is a unique experience–as unique as the people who choose to do it. Everyone brings something different.

And everyone takes away something different from the experience.

Every tandem master at Skydive East Texas understands the value of what they do, and we’re all committed to ensuring our clients get the experience they’ve always wanted.

No matter what it is.

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The Best Skydiving in Texas

  • Tandem Skydive

    Launch your skydiving adventures with one of our certified tandem instructors.

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  • Group Skydive

    Soar through the skies with your friends. Perfect for special occasions.

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  • Jump School

    Build your skills & earn your skydiving license through our jump school program.

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Why Choose Skydive East Texas?

Skydive East Texas is the only skydiving facility in East Texas, and we’ve been helping East Texans get exciting, fun, and life-changing skydiving experiences for 20 years.

We’ve built our business around providing a second-to-none customer experience. That means learning what you want to get out of the experience and making that happen.

Whether you’re looking to dive once or get licensed, our tandem masters are here to help.

Contact us today to reserve your jump.

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  • Dive Into Freedom

    Conquer the skies and enjoy pure freedom.

On the Fence? Scared? Contact Us to Speak with a Skydiving Instructor

Deciding you want to skydive and skydiving are very different things. Skydiving requires that you confront some very scary realities.

Our tandem masters can help. Whether you’re concerned about safety or want to learn more, we have 20 years of experience to share.

Contact Skydive East Texas to speak with an experienced skydiving instructor.

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