Your First Adventure Through The Skies

Nothing clears away the cobwebs like jumping out of a plane 10 thousand feet in the air.

All of your worries and thoughts drift away. It’s just you, the clear blue skies, and total clarity.

Tandem skydiving is the perfect introduction to the sport. You’ll be secured in a harness with a USPA-certified instructor who has done hundreds of jumps.

All you have to do is listen to your tandem master and enjoy the experience.

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What Is a Tandem Skydive?

Tandem jumping is just your first taste of what skydiving is all about.

After a short, 15-minute training session, you’ll fly with the instructor up to your jump height of 10,000 feet.

Freefall lasts for about 30-45 seconds, but most people tell us it feels like hours. You’ll be in the wide open sky, getting a view of East Texas that most people will never see.

Your instructor will open the parachute at about 5,000 feet. The two of you will work together to fly the canopy, enjoying an easy drift down to your landing zone.

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When you find yourself hooked after your first jump, make sure to ask about our comprehensive skydiving program.

Your first tandem jump counts as progress for your Level 1 Jump on the Tandem Progression Course, so you’re already on your way!

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